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Adding Custom Email Signatures to Flex for when you send a client or anyone a link to a listing


Adding a Custom Email Signature to Flex for when you send a client or anyone a link from Flex for a listing.

  1. Log into Flex. flexmls

  2. Click on “Menu” and then “My Reports which is under Preferences”.

  3. Click on “New” in the bottom left hand corner.

  4. Click on “Business Card”.

  5. Input a name for the title of the Card for reference.

  6. Copy your email signature and paste it in the Big Blank White Box.

  7. You can edit the signature info after that or do it from scratch with the options available on this screen.

  8. Click on “Save” in the top right corner.

How to now add your custom Signature for Flex to any listing.

I am using Quick Search for this example.

  1. Click on “Quick Search”

  2. Click on “View Results”

  3. Check mark the “box” in the far left for the listing and then choose “Email”

  4. Choose Printer “Friendly Version”

  5. Choose “Email Button” in the bottom left hand corner now.

  6. Enter the email address of who this is being sent to and at the bottom, check the box “Signature” and select from the dropdown the custom signature that was created previously by you. My custom is called, “Flex Signature test”

  7. Lastly, Click on “Send page” at the very bottom of the page.

Example below of how it will look for the recipient in there inbox


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