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Adding Social Media Links to your Subdomain

Adding Social Media Links to Your Subdomain Follow

All agents on the platform have the ability to have an Agent Subdomain of the main team website. For example, instead of having your leads visit the team's you may want to promote your personal subdomain which may be On the main team site, any social media links highlighted there will be those the company has input into the main settings of the site. But what if you as an agent want to promote your own social media instead? Through your Agent Subdomain you can! Here's how: 1. Navigate to your profile and settings page. 2. Scroll down in your Profile to the Agent Social Media section. 3. Here is where you input your social media link in the appropriate fields and click the update button in the bottom right to save. Now any social media links you entered will be displayed in the top right of your subdomain site (ie If you input no links at all, your companies social media icons will show by default. If you input even just one link in your settings, only your links will show. See image below:

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