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Basic Agent Profile Settings

There are several toggles in your Agent Profile & Settings that dictate if you're eligible to receive certain forms of communication from your CINC Platform.

Profile Settings Tab Overview:

Lead Text Alerts - Lead Text Alerts, when Enabled, will ensure you receive a Text notification from the CINC Platform when you receive New Lead Registration alerts.

Plain Text Emails - This setting will have email communication coming from the CINC Platform be defaulted to be received in Plain Text Email format. This means emails will not have any HTML Formatting and any embedded links will not have hyperlinks. We recommend that this setting is kept to No.

Chat Notifications - When turned to Yes, this setting allows you to still receive any chat notifications from a conversation initiated on your CINC Platform with any User currently online when you've gone offline. Chat notifications received while offline will be sent in Email format.

Contact Info Notification - This setting enables the CINC Platform to send the Buyer Agent assigned an email notification if the Lead updates their any of their Contact Information.

Open App Preference - This setting is related to your use CINC Agent App to open links from the platform. When you receive a notification from the Platform and you wish to open up details from a hyperlink, you can have a default setting to open those Lead Details in your CINC Agent App. Your preference can be any one of the following: Ask Me, Open In App, or Never in App.

Receive Lead Summary - Typically utilized by Team Leaders or Broker Level Users of the CINC Platform, the Lead Summary is a report that provides a digest of what's going on with the leads on the platform within certain time frames.

...How Often - Based on your personal preference, if opted into receiving the Lead Summary, you can dictate if you prefer to receive this report on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis.

Login Landing Page - Based on your personal preference, when logging into your site you can have the system default the first page you land on to be the Leads Page or your Agent Launchpad.

User Usage Report - The User Usage Report will highlight leads in your pipeline that have not logged on in a while but more recently logged into your site. The leads listed in the report are becoming engaged in the platform again.

Property View Report - When turned On, the Property View Report will provide an email to the Buyer Agent which provides a summary of the leads that have viewed the same listing X amount of times.

Property View Count - This is the numerical threshold in which a lead views the same listing X amount of times resulting in the platform automatically generating a High Property View Notification Alert to the current Buyer Agent Assigned from the CINC Platform. Our default recommendation is 5 views of the same listing.

Property View Notes - When turned On, this will automatically place a note on the Lead's Profile highlighting the specific property the lead viewed X amount of times. We recommend this setting remains turned On.

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