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What is "CINC" or "CommissionsInc"

CINC is a powerful real estate platform that keeps you seamlessly engaged with your clients from Hello to Congratulations. Along with best practices, CINC allows you to stay top of mind throughout the home buying process.

LEAD GENERATION: We use CINC, with a hefty ad budget behind it, to target, attract, and capture buyer and seller leads.

LEAD ENGAGEMENT: With both a desktop and mobile app, we use CINC to engage with these leads, as well as your SOI. CINC allows us to to track this engagement and learn what works best for our clients.

LEAD NURTURING: This is a key aspect of the system/program. Leads and Contacts need nurturing over time to be molded into future clients and/or referral generators.

LEAD MANGEMENT: On both the Broker and Agent level, CINC allows us to track trends, habits, and successes within our leads and our SOI.

LEAD CONVERSION: Close more leads and more business by working within your SOI and comprehensive pipelines.

CLIENT RETENTION: Keep yourself, your business, and your need for referrals in front of your past clients.

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