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Edit or Create a Saved Search

A lead's Saved Search criteria are what fuels the types of listings they are set to receive as Property Alerts.

Edit a Lead's Saved Search/Property Alert Results

1. Open up the lead by clicking on the lead's name.

2. Select the magnifying glass icon or the blurb below the leads info:

* If the lead has multiple saved searches, select the one you'd like to edit from the drop down in the top middle section.

3. Below, adjust the filters and parameters so that it reflects the lead's criteria.

4. There are additional search tags at the bottom that can be included or excluded for the search.

5. To view the properties in the search, select the search results tab or click "Save" to save the new criteria

To create a brand new saved search:

1. Open the lead's profile and select the magnifying glass or saved search blurb to open the saved search editor.

2. Select Create New to the right of Engagement

3. Enter the search criteria you'd like to use below, and click 'Create'

4. If you wish to add properties from a map search, select the map icon or the search results

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