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Getting Started in CINC- Lead Experience


As a CINC user, it is important to understand your lead’s experience on the site; including how they register and become a lead and what tools and features are available to them.

In the tutorial below, we're going to walk you through all the tools your prospects can engage with on your site to make searching for the perfect home a breeze!

How do Buyer Leads find your site and what do they see?

Depending on your marketing ad spend, the majority of your leads will be directed to your CINC site through Facebook or Google Pay Per Click advertising. Due to this, the majority of your leads will not see your homepage, but will rather, be directed to a quick search page on your website.

To take a look at a sample posts for our Facebook landing page lead ads, click here. For a lead coming to the website via Google, the ad would look similar to this image below. Upon clicking the link, the lead is directed to the Quick Search Page.

Quick Search Page

The Quick Search Page, will allow the lead to search for properties they are interested in, while allowing them to apply filters to narrow down their property search results.

Properties that match their search filters will display on the right-hand-side of the screen. The leads will be able to see some basic MLS information for each property, but will need to click the property link to view the full MLS details and view all property photos.

Once the lead finds a property of interest, they are directed to the listing details where they are initially asked to create an account.

The Registration Process and Lead Capture

Once a lead clicks to view a property, they will be prompted to sign-in, or create a free account as seen in the image below. This is ultimately, how CINC captures a lead’s information (Full Name, E-mail Address, and Phone Number). Leads can sign-up through their Facebook or Google accounts, or manually fill in their information.

Once the lead fills in their information and clicks “Continue My Search,” the system then asks questions pertaining to their home search as shown in the image below. Their response to these questions will be recorded for agents to view and reference.

Last in the registration process, leads will be asked a DISC personality based question.

The question states: “What is most important to you during your home search?” The answers to this question, correspond in order of the DISC personality types. CINC will record each lead’s DISC personality type, based on how they responded to this question, within the Info tab of a lead’s profile.

This personality question initiates our DISC personality-based marketing campaign once they enter their response. This drip campaign entices the lead to get in contact with you about what holds their interests in their home search, which can range from finding a good home deal to obtaining reporting on a specific school district.

For more information on DISC Drip Campaigns click here.

Capture Home Buyers also looking to Sell their Property

If the lead expresses that they have a home to sell, the system will ask for their property information as shown in the image below.

If the lead decides to enter this information, the agent will be able to send this lead an home valuation report to show how much their home is worth. For more information about Home Valuation Reports click here.

Home Search Tools for the Lead

Once the lead has registered into the platform, they are able to view the listing details for properties on your website. From this page, they are able to do the following:

  • Add Favorite Properties to their Notebook

  • Share a Property on social media or via e-mail

  • Store private Notes about a property

  • Contact an Agent/Inquire about a property

  • Submit an in person or virtual Showing Request for a property on a date of their choosing

  • Use the Scorecard feature to weigh the pros and cons of a property

  • Access a short list of Similar Properties

  • Access Local School Data (When applicable)

  • Estimate monthly Mortgage Payments

Adding a Property to the Notebook

In order for a lead to add a property to the Notebook, they will click on the Favorite button shown below.

Once they click on this button, the lead will be able to view this property in their Notebook, which they can find on the website's navigation pane. The agent will see this as a property that the lead likes in the favorite section in the lead's dashboard.

Sharing a Property on Social Media or via E-mail

For a lead to share a property on social media or via e-mail, they will click on the 'Share' button like the image below.

The lead can share the property on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google Plus. They can also send it to friends and family via e-mail.

Writing a Note about a Property

For a lead to write a note about a property, they will expand the 'Notes' section to the right of the listing details. All notes will be added to their Notebook.

Submit an In Person or Virtual Video Chat Showing Request

For a lead to request a showing, they will use the 'Request Showing' module and choose a date.

Once they select their method of In Person or Video Chat, the agent assigned to the lead will receive a notification that the lead requested a showing for that day. The agent would want to modify the time for the appointment in the lead's detail page.

Contacting an Agent/Inquiring about a Property For a lead to inquire about a property, they will use the 'Request Info' form.

The form is already pre-filled, but gives the lead the option to make modifications. Once the lead clicks 'Request Info', the agent assigned to the lead will receive notification that the lead inquired about the property.

You can see the lead's inquiries in the Leads Dashboard page.

Using the Scorecard Feature

The Scorecard feature allows a lead to weigh the pros and cons of the property. They can also use this feature in My Notebook. If a leads uses the scorecard, the system registers it as a favorite property.

Similar Properties

We provide a shortlist of similar listings to view on the listing's details page.

Local School Data

The School Ratings feature is powered by and allows the lead to know what schools are nearby, along with its rating and reviews.

My Notebook

For a lead to go into their notebook, they will select 'My Notebook' in the navigational pane. For some clients, the 'My Notebook' will be listed in the 'More' section.

Within the Notebook section, the lead is able to see their favorite properties, scorecards, and notes. They can also create additional saved searches, schedule any showings, and add friends/family to their search team. Any notes and scorecards will only be visible to the lead and anyone in the search team; the agent will not be able to view the notes written by the lead.

Estimated Mortgage Payments

Estimate monthly Mortgage Payments are provided to leads toward the bottom of the listing's details page.

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