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How to Send a Text + Create a Template in CINC

We've always made it easy to send a text to a lead through CINC.

With our True Text Messaging tool we are able to accomplish two things:

  • Deliver the leads replies directly to you

  • Capture the replies and entire conversation in the lead's profile. The conversation thread is found under the Notes + Activity tab within Communications

Before texting your leads you will need a CINC Agent Number assigned to you. This can be found under your Profile & Settings. When texting from the desktop or CINC Agent Mobile App, we will utilize the CINC Agent number to send your text. Should you not have a CINC Agent Number click here for instructions on how to set this up.

The video below details how to send a text from your desktop. It also demonstrates how to create text templates to make sending the same text message in the future a breeze. Please visit our follow up lesson on how to reply to your leads via text, also linked below.

***Receiving Text Responses from your leads/clients? Learn How to Reply to a Text Message by clicking here.

Remember, when communicating with your leads it's important to start all communication utilizing a CINC tool. Conversations will then be tracked under Communications within the Notes + Activity of a Lead's Profile. See example below:

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